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Sobre o primitivo

abril 11, 2009

On the term “American Primitive Guitar”:

“(…)Composition. I personally advocate Fahey’s method of composition, which consists of 4 to 8 hour stretches in a dark room with some intoxicating substance at hand, and an instrument. Remember a melody, find the melody on the instrument, procede until boredom forces your mind to break out of the box or break the box. If you break your guitar, go find a day job, otherwise go purchase either a rusty recording instrument or some paper. Invent notation, write down what you’re doing. If you have a tuner it’s your own funeral, you might as well call it quits, because the only crap you’ll produce is western music, presuming you bought a western tuner, which is good as far as it goes, but you’re no longer composing primitive, you’re composing western. An A in the west is not neccessarily an A elsewhere, and really there’s no reason for you to even know what the fuck an A is in the first place: ignorance is a telltale sign of clear thinking.”